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Misconceptions about soap

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In the modern world, there are very few true soap products on the market. True soap is made of fats (i.e. vegetable oil) and an alkali (i.e. soda). In the United States, soap is regulated by Consumer Product Safety Commission and does not require ingredient labeling. However, most cleansers today are actually synthetic detergents (byproducts of petroleum industry) regulated by Food and Drug Administration under the category of either cosmetics (i.e. moisturizing, deodorizing) labeled with all ingredients or drugs (i.e. antibacterial, antiperspirant, anti acne) labeled with all active ingredients.

True soap has no fragrance and its color depends on the oil used to manufacture it. Its sole purpose is to cleanse the skin by breaking down the barrier between water and dirt, oil or grime. As true soap does not have fragrance, artificial color, preservatives or any synthetic detergents it is unlikely to cause skin irritation, itching, burning, redness, rash or inflammation. In addition, true soap is 100% biodegradable and therefore it does not cause pollution or harm our environment.

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