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Savon de Marseille

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No added colors, fragrance or preservative. Made with 72% natural oils.

Traditional Savon de Marseille has long been admired for its gentle yet effective cleansing properties. In 1688 the Edict of Colbert forbade the use of animal fat in the production of Marseilles soap, allowing only the use of pure olive oil. As the French began to colonize the Americas, new vegetable oils, such as palm and copra, were being brought from afar. Marseilles' soapmakers began to formulate soaps using these new vegetable oils.

Our authentic traditional Savon de Marseille olive cubes are made from 72% olive oil. They are green in color and as they are not milled, these soaps lose moisture and turn brown with time. This color change does not affect the cleansing properties of Marseilles soap. They are free from added perfume and recommended for personal care.

Our authentic traditional Savon de Marseille coconut oil cubes are made from a 72% mixture of coconut oil. These are beige in color and as they are not milled, these soaps lose moisture and turn dark with time, however, this aging process does not affect the soap's cleansing abilities. They are also free from added perfume. They are recommended for household use, such as laundry or washing dishes, but some prefer these for personal care as they form a creamy, rich lather and wash off completely without leaving any residue.

Savon de Marseille can be used for all skin types, including dry or sensitive skin. It lasts longer than modern synthetic detergents. It is gentle enough for washing silk, lace and baby clothes. Marseilles soap is perfect for crafts, especially felting. It is not tested on animals and by being 100% biodegradable it protects the nature from which it was produced.

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