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Our Marseilles Soap Ingredients

olive oil soap ingredients

Olive oil is the most luxurious of all oils used to make French soap. It is made from pressing the olive fruit. Saponified olive oil is known for its mildness and natural moisturizer (humectant) properties. It produces low lather with large open bubbles and it is so gentle you can use it to cleanse baby skin.

Coconut oil, extracted from fruit of the palm tree, is very rich and viscous. By nature, saponified palm oil adds soothing and moisturizing properties to soap.

coconut soap ingredients

Vegetable glycerin is a natural product of saponification. Commercial producers of soap remove it from their product to be sold separately, substituting it with a less expensive synthetic glycerin. Attracting water from its surroundings, glycerin is a natural moisturizer.

Water is a natural emollient. It prevents dryness and protects the skin. Together with glycerin they act as a barrier and healing agents to your skin.

All natural ingredients, 100% biodegradable and environmentaly friendly.

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