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Lavender Savon de Marseille Bar 250g
Weight: 250g   USD $10.95
Coconut Oil Based
Lavender Savon de Marseille Exfoliating Bar 100g
Weight: 100g   USD $4.95
Coconut Oil Based
Savon de Marseille Olive Cube 1,000g
Weight: 1000g   USD $21.95
Olive Oil Based
What is Savon de Marseille or Marseilles Soap?

For centuries soap makers in the beautiful French region of Provence have been using the most luxurious of all oils to handcraft the purest of all French soaps - Savon de Marseille. Today, only one such soap maker guards this ancient tradition in the heart of Marseilles - Savonnerie Le Sérail. We import a carefully selected variety of Marseilles soaps and bring the Provence experience to your doorstep.

Why is our soap the best?

Our soaps are handcrafted using the same traditional methods and ingredients as the original Savon de Marseille. With a 72% olive or coconut oil base, it provides high quality cleansing power while at the same time it remains delicate to your skin.

The list of ingredients for our soaps starts with:
Oil (olive or coconut), soda ash, salt and water
Fragrance oils are added only to our French milled soap bars


Liquid Savon de Marseille Vegetable Oil 500 mL
Contents: 500 mL (17 fl oz.)   USD $16.95

Coconut Oil Based 
Rose Petal Savon de Marseille Exfoliating Cube 150g
Weight: 150g   USD $6.95

Coconut Oil Based 
Vanilla Savon de Marseille Bar 100g
Weight: 100g   USD $4.95

Olive Oil Based 

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